Meet WNO

Will Wyatt CBE

Will Wyatt is a distinguished broadcast executive and programme maker who was successively Managing Director of BBC Television and Chief Executive of BBC Broadcast, responsible for all BBC radio and television and internet services, other than news. He served as deputy to the Director General, John Birt.  Following retirement from the BBC he became chairman of the London Institute and led its transformation into the University of the Arts London.  He was Chairman of the Teaching Awards Trust 2008-2013 and a trustee of the Services Sound and Vision Corporation 2007-13.

In the private sector, he was a director of Coral Eurobet 2001-3 and of the Vitec Group plc from 2002-11. From 2002-07 he was also Chairman of Human Capital Ltd., a media strategy and research consultancy. In 2004 he was a founder director of Racecourse Media Group, which operates the Racing UK television channel for thirty British racecourses, and chaired the company 2007-11.

He has close connections with the arts world in London.  He is also an author: The Man Who Was B. Traven, The Fun Factory - A Life in the BBC and Oxford Boy. He and his wife live in Oxfordshire.