Support Madam Butterfly

We are delighted to be returning to the stage this Autumn with a new production of Madam Butterfly, conducted by WNO Conductor Laureate Carlo Rizzi and directed by Lindy Hume in her first collaboration with the Company.

The story of Puccini’s original work poses some ethical and cultural dilemmas by today’s standards – the exploitation and destruction of a 15 year-old girl by an American naval officer. Puccini’s incredibly beautiful music only intensifies her suffering.

Lindy Hume is creating a socially-relevant telling of Puccini’s classic tale. Her focus is the elements of the story that speak to today’s audience, highlighting themes that are pressing in the modern day, while aiming for something timeless.

Aidan Lang, ​WNO General Director

For donors supporting at £1,000 and above, we will provide access to the creative process including talks, rehearsals and updates.

For further information, please contact 029 2063 5015 | 07395 245800

In these extraordinary times, the power of art and music to reflect our shared humanity is more necessary than ever. I am thrilled to be embarking on this new adventure with WNO. By supporting this new production you will show your belief in the future of opera as an art form, in the power of Puccini's magnificent music to connect artists and opera-loving audiences, and in opera's capacity to respond to the tectonic shifts in the world around us and resonate in new ways for new audiences

Lindy Hume, Director

For me, Madam Butterfly represents the oppression of women through time, a story that is still sadly relevant today. I’m really excited that Carlo Rizzi will be on the conductor’s box for one of our first operas after so long away from the stage. The way he conducts Puccini will make it such a rewarding musical experience for everyone involved.

Lowri Porter, WNO Orchestra Co-Leader