WNO Teach Application Form

We are really pleased you are interested in joining WNO Teach and welcome applications from either schools we currently work with or who are completely new to WNO. Please find below a list of our targeted criteria, which helps us ensure we reach a diverse range of schools. If your school doesn’t meet any of the 6 criteria, please do still apply and explain how these sessions would be beneficial to your school in particular, and how your school could support the sessions.

  • Current school data shows FSM uptake is above the current national average
  • Proportion of pupils from ethnic minority backgrounds is above the current national average
  • School is located in one of the top 20% most deprived areas in Wales as per latest WIMD
  • Access to music provision is limited; demonstrated by only 1 or no outside arts organisations providing sessions for pupils and/or very few/no scheduled peripatetic teachers
  • First language Welsh
  • Geographic location – school is located outside Cardiff County (most of our facilitators live in and around Cardiff, so schools should be within a 1 hour commute, though exceptions will be considered)