Production guidelines for Bernstein’s Candide

Candide is an operetta that looks at the world through satire and comedy. 

Based on Voltaire’s picaresque novel the story follows our optimistic and naïve protagonist, Candide, as he leaves the castle from which he is raised and embarks on a journey where he witnesses multiple hardships and experiences disasters. These include war, theft, slavery, rape, natural disasters, hanging and more before finally discovering that while our world is not ‘the best of all possible worlds’, everyone has the possibility to create the best world for them. 

True to the original novel, Bernstein catapults us into this absurd world through dazzling music. The orchestra will be in full view, and animation will enhance the drama on stage.

Details of themes and scenes included in this production.

Please be aware that throughout this operetta there is anachronistic and explicit language used as well as themes that some people may find distressing. These include; 

  • occasional strong language 
  • reference to rape 
  • depiction of war and violence including murder 
  • misogynist language 
  • references to religious prejudices and blasphemy 
  • a scene that shows nooses culminating in two hangings 
  • references to slavery 
  • depiction of an earthquake / volcano erupting

Production warnings 

Projections will be used throughout the performance, predominantly in black and white. 

This show may contain flashing lights and there will be one use of a strobe lighting effect.