Cradle is an intergenerational project designed to enrich the lives of people affected by dementia and raise awareness of the disease within school children.

With approximately 48,000 people living with dementia in Wales, Welsh National Opera are committed to working within communities across Wales, offering a place for people to come together and have fun with friends and family through community singing. 

Cradle Choir is a supportive community and offers a weekly opportunity for members to socialise, re-visit fond memories and work through  a great range of popular music, folk songs, hymns, and anything else that takes their fancy. These one-hour sessions are tailored to the ability of members and include some fun warm up games to get the brain and voice going, detailed music learning, all delivered in a relaxed and encouraging environment.   

It's a warm and supportive environment, something to be treasured

Cradle Choir Participant

It's an hour of sheer joy

Cradle Choir Participant

Raising awareness is as important as providing support to people affected by dementia. Through a programme of workshops, we gently introduce school children to dementia, increasing their empathy and understanding of what it means to live with the disease, how society can better support those living with it, all while developing song writing and performance skills with WNO facilitators  and spending time with local residents living with the disease. 

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