Made in Wales

Welsh National Opera presents world-class opera and concerts, but did you know that all our sets and costumes are made in Wales? Or that we have been supporting emerging artists for 20 years through WNO Youth Opera? All while staging epic works like Spring 2024’s five-star Death in Venice and this Summer’s hotly anticipated Il trittico

We need your support more than ever to continue to deliver this ambitious work, made in Wales. 

What your donation will help achieve: 

  • Continued ambitious productions, built and realised in Wales. 
  • Development of artists and audiences of the future. 
  • Artistic excellence and thrilling experiences for generations to come.
A male voice choir sit in rows during a rehearsal
2 women in extravagant dresses sit on a dark sofa in a crowded environment

How you can support 

  • £10 today could help provide a singer’s make-up at a performance. 
  • A £15 donation could buy a hard hat, ensuring the safety of our vital technical teams. 
  • £25 could buy a month’s supply of thread, stitching your support into a WNO costume. 
  • £50 could pay for the MOT of our crew’s vans that allow us to tour around the country. 
  • £60 could pay for a young singer’s sessions for a term as part of WNO Youth Opera 
  • And much more!