Get to know Stacey Alleaume

5 October 2023
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To celebrate the return of Welsh National Opera’s beloved production of La traviata to the stage, we caught up with Stacey Alleaume who stars as the opera’s courageous protagonist, Violetta, in her first ever performance in the UK.

What was your musical life like growing up?

I always loved music from a young age. When I was seven years old the leaders of a local choir came to visit my primary school. My classroom sang the Australian National Anthem, and I was invited along with some other students with singing potential to audition for a formal solo. I was so excited that when I got home that day from school, I begged my parents to let me audition. It was with immense joy that I earned a place in the choir, and I sang with them for seven years. It’s where my spark for music began and the journey only continued to flourish as I realised that I was destined to have music as a big part of my life. 

Was there a particular moment that inspired you to become an opera singer? 

In high school, I did work experience at Opera Australia. Throughout the week I was able to observe rehearsals and watch performances. I was so inspired by the artists that it really cemented in my mind that I wanted to be an opera singer. 

What is your favourite operatic role to date and why?

It would have to be La traviata’s Violetta. I have performed this role 40 times so far and continue to learn new things about her with every production. 

What do you find rewarding about singing the role of Violetta in La traviata?

Violetta is an incredible role to portray, mostly because her story is based on the life of a real person, Marie Duplessis, a French courtesan. I have very much enjoyed delving into the many literary resources available to truly understand her life, in an effort to connect with Violetta’s character on a deeper level.

Who has been the biggest influence on your musical career, and why?

Starting an international freelance career from Australia is not an easy task, and I am so grateful to the artistic directors who have recognised my talent, have given me a contract, and supported me. Also, my agents and artistic management have been my advocate and the key to opening doors, ultimately giving me a chance to shine on stage.

What does it mean to you performing in the UK for the first time?

Performing in a new country is always very exciting, but this one will be particularly special as Welsh National Opera will tour this production of La traviata to seven cities across the UK. 

Where and/or when are you happiest?

I am in my element when I am performing, and that makes me extremely happy and fulfilled. In my job I travel a lot and spend a considerable amount of time on my own, so I really cherish the moments I get to spend at home with my husband and little dog and visit my parents.

To see Stacey Alleaume in action, make sure you catch performances of WNO’s award-winning production of La traviataon tour in Llandudno, Bristol, Plymouth, Birmingham, Milton Keynes and Southampton until 25 November 2023.