Madam Butterfly – Audience Reaction

8 October 2021

Our new production of Madam Butterfly opened in Cardiff on Friday 24 September, and we have been receiving fantastic audience feedback as well as 4 star reviews in the press. Here’s what some of our audience have said:

Tweets include:

on Facebook:

A fascinating production, which we enjoyed very much, and which provides much food for thought. The webinar sessions in the previous two weeks (we saw two of them) were very helpful preparation for this different approach to the story. Thankyou WNO!

Marigold Oakley

Loved the production - fabulous and very thought provoking

Mary King

Absolutely brilliant. Just got home and still on a high.

Maggie Biss

Looks amazing!

Jane Allison
Cio Cio San stood looking to the side in the arms of Pinkerton

or via email:

‘I was so gripped, moved, entranced, uplifted and shattered, that I felt I had to write. What a fabulous Butterfly for our times. I am going to come again – several times, if I can.’

‘We absolutely loved this production.  The opera covers such difficult and uncomfortable issues which were interpreted with brilliance, bravery, sensitivity and creativity.  It was/is a triumph and having seen it I can’t imagine any other production coming anywhere near the bar you have set.’

‘I will be booking to see this again in March. Thank you for allaying my fears and proving that sometimes change is required.'

‘(I) was completely lifted into a wonderful world of passion, and magic. The voices and acting were brilliant, what a pairing of Butterfly and Suzuki, a perfect match, so much so that occasionally I got confused as to who was actually singing. The duets were excellent because of that’

If you are inspired by these reactions then we look forward to seeing you on tour as we take the production, along with Rossini’s The Barber of Seville, on the road until 2 December – take a look at when and where we are heading to near you. Then do let us know what you thought: #WNObutterfly