WNO Challenge you to...

7 May 2020

Struggling to find activities to fill the days now the schools have closed?
On furlough and desperate to unleash your creative side?
Ever wandered around the house and thought, what could I make with this?
Don't usually see eye to eye with your housemates but want a challenge to bring you all together?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, our fortnightly home challenge is perfect for you.

Designed to get you to rummage your parents' wardrobes, the kitchen cupboards and that Monica Geller inspired room that you throw everything into, our challenge is proving a lifesaver for bored teenagers and grandparents, stressed families and young professionals looking to make the most of their down time.

The first challenge was to create your own costume. A suit or armour made of cushions? A tail made of scarves? A cape from a bed sheet or masks out of cardboard. Your favourite on stage character or a brand new character.

The costumes we saw ranged from a Viking hero (a nod to Wagner's Ring Cycle) to the mysterious phantom of the (Welsh) opera.

If you'd like to get involved, the second challenge is currently ongoing on our social media channels and you can keep up to date with the latest challenge on our family activities page.

After creating your masterpiece, post your image on social media, tag us (links below) and include the hashtag #WNOchallenge so that we can share all your wonderful creations.

What are the rules? That's simple. Use what you have at home and upcycle...