Suffragette, activist and entrepreneur, Newport's Lady Rhondda paved the way for the equal rights for women. As well as campaigning tirelessly for women’s suffrage, she became the lightning rod for women’s efforts during WW1, survived the sinking of the Lusitania and created the radical feminist magazine Time and Tide. Her indefatigable efforts and endeavours were finally rewarded when, in 1918, women over the age of 30 were enfranchised. 

WNO will showcase this woman’s fight for liberty, survival and equality in a number of ways: from community events, talks and schools workshops to exhibitions, interactive digital experiences as well as a new stage production.

Rhondda Rips It Up! and surrounding activity is supported by:

The Nicholas John Trust, in memory of Joan Moody

Associated British Ports, South Wales - proud sponsor of the World Premiere performance of Rhondda Rips It Up!

Gwendoline and Margaret Davies Charity
The Leche Trust
The Joan Coates Charitable Trust
WNO's performances at the Hackney Empire, London are supported by The John S Cohen Foundation
WNO's performance at the Oxford Playhouse is supported by Sian Thomas Marshall
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