Opera Tutti

Opera Tutti is an immersive multi-sensory concert designed for children and young people aged 5-19 years old with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD). 

Performed by a small ensemble of highly skilled musicians and performers, this one-hour musical experience brings the world of opera and classical music to those who are unable to attend large-scale music events and theatres.  

Opera Tutti takes young people on a musical journey through the seasons of the year via some of the most popular songs in opera. The seasonal theme provides an opportunity to explore a breadth of mood and tempo: from the gentle awakening of spring to the joy of summer; then the discord and stormy atmosphere of autumn, winding down to a restful winter. The delivery of the musical narrative is brought to life by variety of multi-sensory props and costumes, which stimulate and support engagement. The intimate nature of the performance provides opportunities for young people to interact and take part throughout.

An amazing, sensory experience delivered by sensitive and talented musicians

Teacher at Pens Meadow School

It was truly amazing to see young people engage and react with vocalisations, movements, facial expressions and gestures, many of which we had not seen before. Bringing this type of music to young people in such an inspiring, intimate and emotive way is of immense benefit to their educational and emotional wellbeing. It truly enriches their lives.

Teacher at Mary Elliot School

Opera Tutti can tour to special schools that work with young people with PMLD. We have also adapted Opera Tutti for a wider SEND audience, which is suitable for studio theatres. For more information, please contact Sandra Taylor on sandra.taylor@wno.org.uk