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WNO Teach

WNO Teach is our partner school programme, working together with schools in South East Wales to introduce opera, and inspire singing every week. We work with two Year 5 or 6 groups and their teachers, with aims to not only get classes singing, but to improve skills and give experiences which affect their wider school life.

WNO Teach aims to:

  • Explore and demystify the world of opera
  • Teach simple singing techniques suitable for primary age pupils
  • Introduce how an opera company works, exploring both onstage and offstage roles
  • Explore operatic stories and music
  • Support and encourage teamwork and collaborative learning
  • Help pupils grow in confidence and self-esteem
  • Hone pupils’ listening skills and respond to musical stimuli
  • Give pupils the confidence to take learning risks

It’s hard to put into words all the benefits. It’s been huge. It’s broadened the children’s horizons. They have a better understanding of music, language, emotions… the world…It has had such an impact on our school. We feel extremely fortunate to have been made a part of such a wonderful scheme

Ysgol Cwm Gwyddon

We want our weekly sessions to be beneficial for both pupils and school staff, and hope teachers are inspired to take learning back to the classroom.

For classroom staff WNO teach aims to:

  • Give staff members confidence in using their voices
  • Showcase excellent music leadership skills
  • Expand staff members’ musical vocabulary
  • Model song teaching skills and methods
  • Increase teacher’s toolkit of warm-ups and games to aid singing, movement and drama

On top of weekly sessions, we also offer wider opportunities for schools, to include:

  • Attendance at one of our mainstage performances (chosen as appropriate for age group)
  • Teacher CPD sessions
  • Visits from WNO Orchestra and Chorus members
  • Resources for teachers and classrooms
  • Sharing performances for pupils in the summer term

I believe that this service is a brilliant way of influencing and inspiring the children, in an area where the children are given little opportunity, it gives the children aspirations that they may have never had. I can’t recommend this programme anymore than I already do

Millbank Primary

For more information on our schools programme email our schools coordinator: schools@wno.org.uk

Applications for September 2023 are now closed.

Our current cohort of WNO Teach schools is at capacity.

Lead Supporter - Programmes and Engagement